Milestone Christian Fellowship

Prayer Meeting

Our prayer meeting follows our Wednesday night community meal, and starts at about 7pm at 35a Bridge Street in Girvan. There is no music or sermon, just an open time of prayer, and all are welcome to join us to pray and to be prayed for. We pray as the Spirit leads us, but each week we aim to pray for a particular local area of Girvan and for a particular unreached people group in the world.

This Week's Prayer Area

This week we are praying for Area 1, in the north of the town. This includes the following streets:

  • Bridge Street
  • Old Street
  • Newton Kennedy
  • Newton Place
  • Golf Course Road
  • Newton Kennedy Bridge
  • Vicarton Street

This area includes Milestone, Trust Housing, the hospital and the police station.

This Week's People Group

This week we are praying for the Soyot people in Russia. The Soyot people were once part of a cluster of peoples that eventually split into three groups. Then the Soyots themselves were nearly engulfed by the much larger Buryat groups that migrated into their homeland from Mongolia. One of their chief occupations was reindeer production, but were forced into other work under the Soviet Union. Now they are trying to revive that part of their culture since becoming a recognized people group after the fall of communism. 3600 Soyots remain in Buryatia, Russia; the majority or Buddhist, and none of them are known to be Christian.

Although most practice Tibetan Buddhism, they are trying to go back to their Shamanistic roots in an effort to revive their dying culture. Their language is close to extinction.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for culturally sensitive workers to take Jesus to the Soyot people in such a way that they realize that they can embrace Him without jeopardizing their culture.
  • Pray that the Soyot will know the great power of Jesus Christ over the power of spirits.
  • Pray that God would send Russian, Buryat & Mongolian Christians to share the Good News of Jesus with the Soyot people.
  • Ask God to open the hearts of the Soyot to make them receptive to the Gospel of Christ.
  • Ask the Lord to raise up strong local churches among the Soyot.

This information was provided by The Joshua Project. The Soyot in Russia were their Unreached People of the Day on 28 June 2023.