About Us

Milestone is a fresh expression of church - bringing the life of the Gospel to Girvan.

Milestone Christian Fellowship is a small (but growing!) group of believers meeting together regularly at our church in Bridge St(see below). We believe that God is longing to pour out his love in this town, and to draw its people from meaningless, frustrated lives to lives of purpose and power in Christ. We are amazed by the truth that, weak and broken as we may be, God chooses to use us to demonstrate His great power in this place. The Church is not a building, not a committee, not a minister, but the people of God all worshipping and serving Him together.

Why Another Church?

Girvan has a number of churches already, and so it is probably fair to ask why we feel the need for another fellowship. Our answer has two main parts:

  1. We are a fresh expression of church in Girvan. For many, church has become synonymous with uncomfortable people doing uncomfortable things in uncomfortable buildings. It's not that people feel that church is bad - just that it's hard to see how doing these 18th-century rituals in 19th-century clothes is going to be at all relevant to 21st century people! Well, we believe that the Church has an urgent, desperately relevant message for 21st-century people, and if the non-essential trappings of old buildings, formal dress, hard pews, ancient organs and music are distracting from this message, then there is room to express the vital truths set out in the Bible in a setting which is bright, open, accessible, inviting, relaxed and comfortable.
  2. While we believe that this fresh expression is vital to engage the struggling people of Girvan, we know that it is equally vital that we present the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ without compromise or accommodation. This is the truth that has changed lives forever over the years; this is the truth that has kept the Church vibrant, fresh and growing in spite of the most arduous persecution; this is the truth that we want to be at the heart of our fellowship. Accordingly the Bible and its truths are at the heart of everything we do. At a time when it's tempting to compromise on truth to "fit in" with a world which denies everything but free choice, this is also a fresh expression - one which came to the earth with Jesus.

Real Church isn't a lovely old building, grand, imposing and empty. Real Church is a place where we can encounter the risen Christ, and share each other's lives as we serve Him together.

Visiting Us

Where and when?

Our main services are Tuesday nights, from 7.30pm to about 9.00pm and Sunday mornings from 10.30 to about 12.00 at our friendly premises in 35a Bridge Street. We also have other meetings - check our Calendar for details!

What can I expect?

We meet in our hall, which is a converted nightclub. A typical service includes singing (words are projected so you don't need to know them), reading the Bible, teaching on the Bible and prayer. You don't need to know when to stand or sit and even if you've never been to a church service before you won't feel out of place. The music is contemporary, usually involving a keyboard, guitars and drums. There is no high-pressure sales technique or hysterical experience, though we hope that you'll be challenged by what the Bible has to say. We have tea and coffee afterwards, and if you have any questions this is a great time to raise them. If you just want to sit quietly and observe, that's fine too - no-one will insist that you participate in anything, though we hope you'll enjoy the option!

What should I wear?

What you'd wear to go shopping or down the pub or to work would be fine - we're generally casual and comfortable. Jeans would not be out of place, but whatever you'd normally wear on a Tuesday night (well, perhaps not your pyjamas!) will be fine!

What should I bring?

You don't really need to bring anything. If you have a Bible you might want to bring it, but you can also use one of ours. Don't worry about bringing money; the church is supported by the gifts of its members and we'd prefer you to keep your wallet shut as a visitor - your company is more than enough for us! You might want to bring a friend along, of course, and that would be most welcome!

What We Believe

In common with Christians around the world, we hold to the following core beliefs:

  • We believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • The man Jesus was the Son of God, who came to earth as the fulfilment of God's plan to rescue His lost people.
  • Jesus died on the Cross for us, in order to bear the punishment for our sins.
  • He was buried, but God raised Him to life on the third day - proving that He is able to save us from death, too.
  • This same Jesus now lives with the Father God in glory, interceding for His followers until we join Him there.
  • It is not possible to live a life good enough to deserve God's favour. When God saves us through faith in Jesus, it is a free gift which we can never deserve - only thank Him for it.
  • As Christians, we are not necessarily better or worse than other people - it is the grace of God, not our own goodness, which sets us apart.
  • This grace is completely effective to save and forever transform the life of all who accept it, regardless of their past, present lifestyle, background, social standing or any other obstacle.
  • When we receive this grace, God gives us the Holy Spirit, who lives in us, giving us power, wisdom and guidance to do God's work.
  • God's Word, the Bible, reveals these and many other truths to us. When we read the Bible under the Holy Spirit's leading, it contains authoritative guidance for all our beliefs and actions.

Our Pastor

Rev Adam Oellermann Adam Oellermann

Adam moved to England from South Africa in 2001, but quickly realised his error and moved up to this part of Scotland! Adam learned about the work in Girvan just at the time when he was seeking to answer God's calling to study for the ministry. Finding Milestone was an answer to prayer, and Adam is thrilled to be involved in God's work here. Adam completed his studies at Scottish Baptist College in Paisley and was ordained and inducted as our Pastor in June 2013.


Organisations and Affiliations

Milestone is a member of the Baptist Union of Scotland, and we participate in the South Western Baptist Churches Network.